Window Curtains

7 Ideas for Plain Window Curtain Panels

Plain window curtain panels are easy to find in all different colors. You are bound to be able to find something to match your decor.

Unfortunately they are not always the most decorative of window treatments so you may want to think about giving them some added oomph with the curtains panel ideas below and hopefully these will spark off some of your own ideas too especially once you start looking around at the kind of fabrics and trim you can use to enhance your curtains.

This way you can buy cheap curtain panels while still getting a designer look. Don’t buy the very cheapest however as you want some weight and quality of fabric in your window curtains.

1. Add Braid or Ribbon Trim

Add a braid or ribbon trimming about 6 to 12″ from the bottom of each plain curtain panel. If you think several colors would go you can add parallel lines of several different braids or ribbons of different widths along the bottom part of the curtains with a narrow gap between each trim. Pin on the ribbons in various ways to get the best effect before committing yourself by stitching them in place along the upper and lower edge of each trim. You should be able to can get some great ideas for this kind of curtain trimming simply from looking at all the various types of braid available at your local department store.

2. Add a Contrast Edging

Join a different color or patterned wide edging (about 6 to 9″) to the inside edge of a pair of plain curtain panels. This a away to get curtains in two shades which are exactly right for your room color scheme without having to get something which is too patterned. Great for a contemporary look.

beads make a great curtain trimming

Beads make a great curtain trimming

3. Decorative Tab Tops

Create decorative tab tops for a plain panel. Buy an extra panel and use the fabric to make matching tabs or you can use a contrasting fabric. Matching tab tops look great decorated with contrasting fabric colored buttons.

4. Tie Tops

Add tie tops to your panels with matching or contrasting ribbon. Be sure and match the weight of the ribbon to the type of panel. For example use a heavier velvet ribbon with a velvet panel and a light satin ribbon with a voile panel.

5. Beautiful Tie Backs

Update a plain curtain panel by using beautiful tie-backs. You can get some fantastic ornate tassels in all colors of the rainbow or create your own tie backs with a contrasting or matching fabric and trim.

6. Give Your Curtain Panels a Beaded or Fringed Edging

Add a ready-made beaded or fringed edging to plain panels and trim tie-backs with the same edging to give a special look to plain curtains. Think cream curtains with a brown and amber bead fringed edging and you’ll get the idea.

7. Add Embroidery

If you are handy with the needle embroider a pattern on the bottom inner corners or edge of your curtain panels. Machines which do computerized embroidery are great for this. Embroidery can be in the same color as the panels for an embossed effect or in a shade to complement the window curtains.